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  1. First off, I know nothing about Android at all. I bought a Sony TV and when I set it up it did successfully pair YouTube to my iPhone 6. Now, when I try to cast a video it will either crash (the little "playing on TV" will go away on my phone) or the video will just restart on my phone. The instructions on the YouTube website said to open the app on the TV, go under settings to "Pair Device" and enter the code. Well, there is no "Pair Device" anywhere in the settings of the app on my TV but I specifically remember doing this step when I set it up, or something to that effect that the YouTube did cast for a while to the TV from the phone.

    I messed with the settings blindly on the phone and TV until the TV no longer showed in the device list to be able to cast it and then after more fumbling through the settings it came back. I restarted the phone and TV in hopes that it reinstalled or something but still the exact same problem. I also tried the cache clear of the mirroring cast app but that didn't help either.

    There is nothing that I can see, other than the aforementioned, on the YouTube website on how to do this feature. I also can't find anything in the app on the phone. Normally I'd say this was an iOS vs Android thing and write it off but I know it works, or did at once.
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  2. I fixed it. Although all of the TV settings had apps on auto update and the settings menu said all apps were up-to-date, when I went to the Google Play Store it said to update Chrome Cast, I did that and it fix it.
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