I have an old 'Peak tv' dual dvb-t pci card and have just upgraded to Win 10, 32-bit. My original tv software (Kworld Hypermedia) doesn't work properly now, although it can display both channels - just won't record anymore! It comes up with 'activevideo' windows instead of using the ones in the app. So I downloaded SichboPVR and that seems quite neat. I've configured both tuners but there doesn't seem to be any way of watching one channel whilst recording another. I can watch one channel and record but get an error if I try to switch channels whilst recording. I used to be able to have both channels displayed at the same time (in separate windows) under Win 7.... I'm using a BDA driver (AF15BDA.sys). Anyone know if Sichbo should work in dual tuner mode? Any ideas as to how I might get the tuner to work properly under Win 10?