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    Hi All the expert members out here,

    I am pretty new here. However before posting this I have tried to do my due diligence on searching the forum forum for the solution for my problem. However I could not find one.

    Here is the Problem which I am having, I have a movie mp4 file which a friend of mine gave it to me and and it is about 1.5GB. I dont know the source of it, however the file seems to be completely unplayable. I tried all different players (Quicktime, VLC, windows media player etc). Also I tried to open the file in other software to change it to avi or another format, using Loiloscope but could not open it.

    So I start more poking around and see if I can find some solution -- There was a solution about Grub Video Repair tool, I tried that as well, it did not work. Then I checked whether the file can be repaired or not going on Found that file can be repaired.

    So then I started to see where the file could be wrong, there were some suggestions to check Atomic Parsley -- See the image Click image for larger version

Name:	Atomic-Parsley-Output-Surraksha.PNG
Views:	390
Size:	38.4 KB
ID:	37956

    Also Here is the Media Info of the file (see image)Click image for larger version

Name:	MediaInfo-Surraksha.PNG
Views:	192
Size:	54.1 KB
ID:	37957

    Also here is the portion of the Hex editor output for the file (See below) and also the imageClick image for larger version

Name:	Hex-Surraksha.PNG
Views:	170
Size:	57.6 KB
ID:	37958
    ... ftypisom....
    W=rJZlε S?.

    Based on what I can interpret from my limited knowledge base that somewhere in the MP4 file the headers are corrputed, because when I looked the media info and atomic parsley of known good files i could get expected output.

    Anykind of help is greatly appreciated..


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    You can try untrunc (in a Linux emulator) and recover_mp4_to_h264. In both cases you will need to supply a healthy MP4 file with what you believe to be a matching structure.
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  3. Have you tried FFMPEG or WinFF?
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