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  1. I'm trying to encode a ripped DVD to an x264 MKV file using MeGUI. This particular title is giving me problems and I can't get my head round how to fix it. It's a film based source that has been badly converted to PAL.

    I have tried QTGMC() and SRestore() and that gives me a 23.976 output but the motion is not smooth - it's difficult to describe but if you pause the encoded file you can see a double image on the fast moving areas.

    I've attached a sample of the source - could someone help me out? I'm guessing I need to put some more parameters into the script for SRestore to do the job.
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  2. The content is progressive so the usual Bob/Srestore won't work.

    They added a duplicate field every half second to go from 24 to 25fps. If they had stopped there you would have had an easy time of it. But then they blend deinterlaced it. So you get half a second of clean video followed by half a second of blends from hell.

    In fact, I don't know how to handle this kind, although maybe others do.
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  3. This type of blending is typically handled ok by restorefps

    You may have to play with the phase a bit, but 0.1 is pretty close. It generates "noise" as it aligns the image so you may want to process with other filters. The typical problem is the already aligned frames will be "cleaner" than the newly aligned/deblended frames . Also, just because "0.1" works on this section, doesn't mean it will work on the entire video. Because sometimes the video is edited after the phase/blend problem was introduced in the workflow. You might need to process in segments

    RestoreFPS(24/1.001, 0.1)
    AssumeFPS(24000,1001) #just to make frame rate "perfect"
    For some programming reason, you need to use the 24/1.001 notation for RestoreFPS (you get different results if you use 24000/1001) . It's an old avisynth 2.5 plugin, that might be the reason why I don't know
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