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    Hi All,

    After months of trials and errors with everything I have managed to capture the home video tapes using virtualdub/ezcap/vcr and a passthrough tbc. Generally, I am happy with the quality. But do you recommend some must use filters in virtual dub? And with what settings? I know there are limitless possibilities but do not want to spend too much time if the end product is not that noticeable. A little sharpening could be good as I turned it all the way down in video proc amp. And some color tuning but that could be done in premiere pro as well

    Later, I will do title and timeline editing in Premiere Pro, and export to a digital file and keep it on PC. I know it is not preferable but if you are going to use it only on PC would you deinterlace the video?
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    Here is a list of popular VD filters with some explanations:

    I think many here will recommend using AVISynth for advanced filtering.
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  3. The captures look like pretty decent captures of VHS material. I don't see anything obvious that needs to be fixed, other than levels and maybe a little color correction. The best place to do those is in your NLE, and since you're using a good one, I'd just skip doing anything in VirtualDub and AVISynth and simply do your grading in Premiere. It is a far better tool for that particular purpose.
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