Hi ,
I wonder if someone could guide me on how best to configure PotPlayer to work best with my Marantz 7010 AVR ?
The Marantz 7010 AVR is Atmos enabled and I will be using 2 or possibly 4 Atmos speakers . It is a 9.2 channel receiver with the option to go to 11.2 if used in conjunction with a stereo amp.
It will play lots of different sound formats and I wish to ensure that when I am playing files via PotPlayer that I have PotPlayer configured correctly to play the various files that I have (Atmos/7.2/5.2/Stereo with subwoofers) I do not play music from PotPlayer.

I have looked in Potplayer Preferences under Audio and Audio Renderer is set to Auto and S/PDIF is set to default. For both of these a setting of WaveOut:Marantz-AVR (Intel Display Audio) is an option but I don't know if I should select that.
I have speakers set as Same as Input, Resample is Same as Input and Output is set as PCM (Default and Recommended).
I have not set the Built in Audio Decoder.

Any guidance would be very much appreciated.