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  1. Hi. Please see the attachment.
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  2. tweak should already have the function definition and parameters defined. You need to enter it for the category slider to appear. eg. tweak(sat=1.0) will cause sat to appear as a slider. You need to refresh for it to update after changes (push f5)

    If you want to add a custom function to the database (ie. one that isn't already defined); options => avisynth function definition . You can add new functions or plugins and define the min/max range values or let avspmod "guess" them
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  3. Many thanks. Using your suggestion, I've found that typing 'tweak' then hitting 'enter' is the way to get this plugin fully loaded.

    Once I've found my desired tweaks, is it really necessary to incorporate "coring=True, sse=False, startHue=0, endHue=360, maxSat=150, minSat=0, interp=16)" into the final script? As far as I can tell, just scripting Hue, Sat, Bright and Cont works fine.
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    The parameters that it loads initially should all be the defaults, so you can drop them without any change. You can double-check by comparing with the Avisynth documentation for the function.
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