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  1. Hi, I'm trying to rip a bunch of blu-ray discs to MKV but I don't have a whole lot of space on my PC. Can someone tell me what the best setting would be to convert blu-ray to MKV with little to no quality loss? I know I can do MKVpassthrough using DVDfab but that takes a lot of disc space. what's the best way to retain quality and get a smaller MKV? thanks in advance.
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    You could try VidCoder or RipBot. I use a size of 8GB and the MKV looks good to me. I use two pass, constant framerate and audio set to AC3.
    But unless you want to convert directly from the BD, you need to rip the BD to your hard drive and convert from there.
    So you still need quite a bit of hard drive space.
    Conversion to MKV can take several hours and I wouldn't run my BD drive that long for a direct disc to MKV conversion.

    And welcome to our forums.
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