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  1. hi

    i have since a short time the problem that some dvd+r have problems being read at the end of the disc

    so as video files who written near the end of the disc but it are only small areas that have the problems

    if you play the video file it stops at some point but if you move the time a few seconds then the files playes again
    so it are points of unreadable and not the whole end of the disc

    i use VSO to test the disc but it shows 3 sector points not being able to read but it gave 100% on surface of the disc

    i am trying the figure out if my dvd writer needs to be replaced or if it are the dvd+r discs

    the problem is that only some dvd+r have it and it are only small point near the end of the disc that are unreadable
    thats weird

    also i only use verbatim discs dvd+r and dvd+r dl and those disc are also good when you get near the end of the disc

    also because not all disc have it and that it are only small points near the end of the disc if it is mine dvd writer

    i would appreciate some help
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    What burning engine are you using ??
    Try imgburn. And when was the last time you cleaned
    Out your dvd burner ? Do you have your burner set to eject the disc when finished burning ?
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  3. hi

    i use imgburn to burn disc it only not the newest version

    i never have cleaned the dvd writer

    its not on eject disc when finished burningen
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    What did you use to create the DVD folder
    If using avstodvd you can set a custom size
    Try reducing the size to 4200 for use on a single layer disc
    This avoids burning to the edge of the disc, where it can become unreadable
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