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  1. hi,

    i'be here one of my favorit cartonns and i try to restore the originale frame rate. i've bobbed the source and created the following notaion

    aaaa bbbb cccc dddd eeee ffff gggg hhhh iiii jjjj kkkk llll > ll
    the video is 23.976 so after bobbing it's 47,952. as you can see every frame is shown 4-times instead the l-frame, its shwon 6-times (the last 2 l-frames belongs to the next second). the original frame rate should be 12fps. there are no blends so i've tried this

    but the resulting (new) frame rate is 19.181 and this can't be right. after that i've tried

    it doesn't work with rate=12.000 (error: mode 2 error: unable to achieve a completely synced result). is there any other way to restore the originale frame rate? any idea? i don't know whether uploading an example can be problematic because of the copyright.

    now i want to sync the video with the audio from a tv capture in my language. the capture's frame rate is 25. how can i get the same frame rate for my video? just another bobbing? yadif(mode=1) results in a framerate = 25.001.

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  2. A sample is called for. But a duplicate field every 12 frames indicates 24 fps film that was telecined as PAL video with 2:2:2:2:2:2:2:2:2:2:2:3 pulldown. Then somebody probably slowed the PAL video to 23.976 fps for NTSC.

    Try something like:

    # assuming interlaced source here
    Yadif(mode=1, order=N) # to 47.952 fps
    TDecimate(cycle=50, CycleR=26)
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  3. Keep it at 23.976fps. As is typical with animations, all sorts of framerates are used. This sample has some real 23.976fps content. Just advance a frame at a time beginning when the guy is walking, at about the six second mark. Every frame has movement.
    now i want to sync the video with the audio from a tv capture in my language. the capture's frame rate is 25. how can i get the same frame rate for my video?
    A sample of that one would be needed. Most likely, as jagabo said, they just added a frame every second so you just remove it. You'd decimate to 23.976fps, as this sample is.
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  4. I wasn't able to download the file but it sounds like manono is right.
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  5. What means order in yadif?
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  6. Originally Posted by Valit View Post
    What means order in yadif?
    You could try reading the manual for the answer:

    order = -1 : field order as Avisynth assumes (default).

    = 0 : Bottom field first.

    = 1 : Top field first.

    If you choose one and it's the wrong one, then you'll get this herky-jerky back-and-forth movement when advancing the video. If you're asking because of your 25fps video for which you want the audio for your 23.976fps video, you had best provide a sample. There's a fairly good chance you can just use the audio for the 23.976fps video without doing anything except perhaps adding a delay. Have you compared the lengths of the two videos yet?
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  7. i've encoded and synced the video without changing the frame rate and thats ok.

    but there's an other question: when i write down the image types (clear image, blend or duplicate) and determine the originale frame rate the second ends between blends, something like this:

    a a b b ... n n o o > o o
    the second ends after the second o-frame. lets say n is the 12. frame - whats with the 2 o-frames in the following second? is the original frame rate now 12,5fps? with comics artist paints a half frame?
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  8. I explained that in post #2. It's the result of using pulldown to convert 24 fps to 25 fps. Essentially 12 frames becomds 12.5 frames, hence 24 frames becomes 25.
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  9. @ jagabo

    thanks, i'll tried you example.

    i've an other vidoe here with runs very good, but for some seconds i've a lot of blends (2 or 4 double blends after bobbing the source). this is only for some moments, before and after that the videos runs normally with blends. i don't think there is a filter that can fix double blends?

    maybe - because the scence isn't very long - i can delete the blends manually. but after that the frame rate is less then the rest of the video. do i need to use a fps filter or just replace the blends with a another clear frame using duplicateframe?
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  10. I don't know any automated way to remove all the blended frames from that clip.
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