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  1. I have Nero 7 installed and I have the HD/BluRay plugin installed and registered yet EAC3TO still seems to crap on me. Anyone know how to fix this? It keeps saying cannot find Nero Audio Decoder 2..which is BS.
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  2. You do not need to install Nero, you just need to put neroAacEnc.exe in eac3to folder.
    Just fish it out from your download. Or better get it from videohelp download , not sure what your source was.
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  3. I'm talking about Nero AAC Decoder. It's definitely not working. Please try it and you'll see.
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  4. See...error. I just got the files from that link as you mentioned too and put them in the EAC3TO directory. Used latest eac3to as well
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  5. eac3to.exe -test
    eac3to (v3.31) is up to date
    Nero Audio Decoder (Nero 6 or older) doesn't seem to be installed
    CAUTION: You need Nero 7. Nero 8 won't work with eac3to.
    ArcSoft DTS Decoder doesn't seem to be installed
    Sonic Audio Decoder ( doesn't seem to be installed
    Haali Matroska Muxer (2013-04-14) is installed
    Nero AAC Encoder ( is installed
    Surcode DTS Encoder ( is installed
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  6. ^ Nero is installed just as they wanted with the blu-ray plugin. Not sure what eac3to wants here but it's being seriously annoying
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  7. Originally Posted by TheLastOfThem View Post
    I'm talking about Nero AAC Decoder.
    Oh, sorry about that.

    I do not need to decode aac with eac3to.
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