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  1. Hello to all! I have two titles to put on DVD and I want to use dvdstyler. One is the trailer and the other title is the movie itself. I want to first add title 1 which is the trailer and then title 2 which is the movie. When I go to add a chapter menu for title 2 which is the movie it doesn't add anything when clearly I specified chapter marks every 5 minutes. When I switch my movie to title 1 and the trailer to title 2 and then click add chapter menu to the movie which is now in title 1 it adds it with all the chapter markers. The problem I'm having is that I want have the trailer play first and then the movie will play after that and then go back to the main menu after the movie is finished. Is there anyone that can help me solve this dilemma I would appreciate it Thanks.
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  2. Maybe I don't understand your problem but when I need a "chapter menu" (I'm a bit ambiguous about the term because I learned it means different things to different people)I add a menu and select it's entry to Chapter.

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  3. Rereading the post:

    Let the trailer be title 2. As action for the button you want to play the movie let it jump to title 2. As post command for title 2 have it jump to title 1 and as it's post command call what you consider main menu.

    As for your chapter menu (and sub menues) perhaps watch this
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  4. What would be the post command?
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  5. If you double click a title you'll get it's Property Sheet and find the post command here:

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  6. Ok so nothing goes in the pre commands?
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  7. It's starting to make sense
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