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  1. Hello, I'm on Mac OS 10.11.5. I've recently downloaded a very small animated .gif. I e-mailed it to myself as an attachment from my iphone, saw it in my inbox where it plays from within mac mail at a "normal speed".

    However, after downloading it and saving it, I'm trying to play the file from Quicktime Pro 7. The file opens and plays fine, but it's in hyper-speed frame rate. I don't understand why the original that plays from the weblink, VS my downloaded version, played in Quicktime speeds up so much. Even when I try to change the the playback speed to the slowest setting from Quicktime's AV controls, it's still way too fast.

    Does anyone have any ideas as to why this happens?

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    What rate is the GIF supposed to play at? You can load it into GIMP or ffprobe it to find out.
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  3. hey JVRaimes, I'm not sure. I'm not a video guy. I've only noticed it in some gifs, it's rare, but it happens.

    I actually just tried something that seemed to fix it, but it's a manual fix. I opened the GIF in Preview, instead of QT. I noticed that in Preview, there are 15 slides, or frames in the left thumbnail column.

    I decided to copy the first frame, and drag it below said first frame, creating an identical frame as the number 2 frame, since Preview auto re-numbers the frame as you copy them. Then I coped frame 3, and dragged it beneath "3", creating an identical copy of each next frame until I got to the last 15th frame.

    Now the file has 25 frames in total. I saved the file, and opened it in Quicktime, and now it plays at a slightly slower speed than the original from the url where I originally downloaded it, but the hyper speed thing is gone.

    What baffles me though, is why does the original Gif play fine in the browser from the original URL, and when I download it, open it in Quicktime, it's in hyper speed, as if there's no delay between each frame. Odd, considering that I had to manually created duplicates of each frame to "make" it slower.
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  4. Link to GIF? Try opening your local GIF file in a browser. How's the speed?
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    IIRC, QT doesn't allow specification of playback of GIFs to be any arbitrarily-produced speed (even though they may be explicit in the file), but rather from an "apple-approved/legit" subset. So if the speed doesn't happen to match, it may be defaulting to something nearby, or to something like 30fps.

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