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  1. I know how to use MKVMerge to join two audio tracks into a single MKA file -- with chapters -- using a command line like this:
    mkvmerge -o OUTPUT.mka --generate-chapters when-appending INPUT1.opus + INPUT2.opus
    I would like the chapters titles to be the same as the original input-file names -- in this case "INPUT1" and "INPUT2" -- but the chapters in my MKA output file are untitled. Is there any way to have MKVMerge get the chapter names from the file names (i.e., without having to use a separate CUE sheet or anything)? Thanks.
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    It looks you need a separate file with such info.

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  3. I ws afraid of that. Then if MKVMerge can't do it, what's a good tool for generating such a document from a list of files (with the correct timings) from the command line?
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