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  1. Hello to all! When working in terms of video quality with tmpgenc authoring works 5 what is best to use 1 or 2 pass VBR or CBR? What would give me the best video quality because I'm a newbie to all of this. I would appreciate it Thanks
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  2. In almost all cases you'll want to encode for VBR.
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  3. Ok so wil it be better to do one pass or two pass?
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  4. Two-pass

    but then again. IMO things arn't that rigid. If your playtime is about an hour with max bitrate it doesn't really matter. You could use CBR for that matter. Also if your source is something highly compressibil like cartons you might not see any difference. And 1-pass is faster since you previously complaint about encoding time.
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  5. Ok friends a little update I used 2 pass but it takes 9 hours to do it. What's a good laptop with fast processors I could buy that won't break the bank I'm looking for preferably HP
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