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    What is CINAVIA and is there a way to remove it?
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    Cinavia is an audio watermark placed in the soundtracks of some Blu-ray and even some DVD movies. It is an official part of the DRM included with those films, though it is optional, not mandatory for the studios to use it. Cinavia will not prevent copies being made of those movies, but will stop playback of the audio after 20 minutes when Cinavia is detected.

    All stand alone Blu ray players introduced to the market since Feb 2012 have to include Cinavia detection on unauthorized copies played from optical discs. Some of these players will not detect it on flash drives. The two remaining software players licensed to play Blu-ray, PowerDVD and WinDVD will also detect Cinavia on movies played from optical discs.

    DVDFab and DVDRanger have effective methods of bypassing Cinavia, but you will lose the HD audio. The methods they use are probably just audio stream replacement, though it isn't a simple process.

    Its generally a better idea to use equipment that doesn't have Cinavia detection built in. Media streaming boxes are a good choice for this.
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  3. I don't know about the DVDFab or DVDRanger methods, but one simple way around it is to play your content through a streaming media box. As long as it isn't a licensed Blu-ray player, it doesn't have to support Cinavia and therefore you won't get the warning. Some Blu-ray players support it only when playing disc-based content and not when playing the files from a USB.
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