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  1. I have a DVD converted from a vhs tape.The problem is that it has tracking lines throughout is there anyway that they can be removed?
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    You could always crop it out, or recapture if you still have the tape
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  3. What's the process of doing that?
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  4. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated thanks!
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  5. You could crop the hard horizontal line at the very bottom as was already suggested. For the noise above the line, you can try a denoiser like MDegrain. It won't eliminate it, but it may reduce it a little.
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  6. Is there a step by step tutorial that I could follow?
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  7. Originally Posted by jcool26 View Post
    Is there a step by step tutorial that I could follow?

    Google is your friend:

    Fixing Horizontal VHS Tracking Noise

    StainlessS created a custom function for the guy ...
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  8. Hi,

    Seems like its best to recapture that footage since a large portion of the bottom picture is riddled with sparkling noise, due to tape path mistracking. If you have the guts, disconnect the deck from the power socket, then remove the VCR's top cover and reconnect the power. Next, insert a tape and put the play on then take a picture of the tape path area and post it here. I can then walk you thru the motions. You won't be needing any special instruments or skills to use them.

    But while you're at it, please, don't kiss or otherwise fondle the inside parts of a 'live' deck with your bare hands, ok? I don't want to read about a man found electrocuted on top of his old VCR


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