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  1. Hello my friends,
    I know that is a lot of similar post,
    But I need a software or command for batch files to mux all srt to mkv in a folder,
    example 10srt's+10mkv's all, one after one muxing only by one click on batch file

    Without any modification script for file after files, I've got mkv and srt in the same names
    Any suggestions you guys?

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  2. Try either:
    Windows/CMD batch:
    for %%a in (*.mkv) do mkvmerge -o "muxed\%%a" "%%a" ""


    (answer to PM I received today, not accidentally digging up old thread)
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  3. Originally Posted by euphonic
    doesn't work :/
    this line
    for %%a in (*.mkv) do d:\1\ mkvtoolnix 9.4.2\ mkvmerge.exe -o "muxed\%%a" "%%a"
    Put quotes around paths that have spaces in them. Make sure no extra spaces after "\".

    Originally Posted by euphonic
    the cmd window show in seconds and disappeard
    Add extra line: "PAUSE". Then window doesn't close and you can read error messages.

    Originally Posted by euphonic
    And have other problem
    I've got other mkv's with muxed .srt
    how to removed them and add new or simple how to replace them??
    Remove subtitles from input file: --no-subtitles
    Example: for %%a in (*.mkv) do mkvmerge -o "muxed\%%a" --no-subtitles "%%a"

    Remove embed subtitles and add new:
    for %%a in (*.mkv) do mkvmerge -o "muxed\%%a" --no-subtitles "%%a" ""

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  4. command:
    for %%a in (*.mkv) do "E:\1\converters\MKV\mkvtoolnix 9.4.2\mkvmerge.exe"-o"D:\2\%%a"--no-subtitles
    Click image for larger version

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    Doesn't work :/
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  5. The order of the commands is important. See my example and the docs.
    And be careful with spaces. You removed too many.
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  6. I just read this before, the error is about names of input and output files, but I can't handle with it, I know about cmd not much
    I'll try it in couple minutes, I'm on shopping now

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  7. How to add command cropping to JMKvpropedit?
    File: D:\*.mkv
    Command line: "mkvpropedit" "D:\*.mkv" --edit track:v1 --cropping 0:0,40,0,40

    Error: More than one file name has been given ('D:\*.mkv' and '--cropping').
    File: D:\*.mkv
    Command line: "mkvpropedit" "D:\*.mkv" --edit track:v1 --set cropping 0,40,0,40

    Error: Invalid change spec (missing value) in '--set cropping'.
    both doesn't work
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  8. Stop trying to make up parameters.
    Originally Posted by sneaker View Post
    Why are you trying to invent new parameters? You can list all possible parameters using mkvpropedit -l
    If you use JMKvpropedit it will already fill in the input file name for mkvpropedit. You must not enter it a second time manually.
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  9. hi
    Click image for larger version

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    propedit.exe can use in commandline arguments of cropping, but how should look a commandline for this?
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