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    "Men In Black" and converting MakeMKV's MKV files using BD Rebuilder

    I did not know that MakeMKV could do this.................. But here's a little background first:

    For some time now, I've been unable to make a blu-ray hard disc backup of "Men In Black"-the first one. See my 01/15/2015 post on the MakeMKV forum here:

    But normally I use MakeMKV to rip twice.

    1. First, using "Direct Disc Access Mode", I turn all the files on a Blu-ray to MKV files which are then stored on an external hard drive. Those, I can play on my computer.

    2. Secondly, in a separate rip, I use MakeMKV's "Backup Mode" to decrypt. Then, using BD Rebuilder, I create a backup blu-ray disc that will play in a stand alone Blu-ray player, my ultimate objective being to watch that Blu-ray disc on my huge TV.

    I assume that many MakeMKV users also use at least one of the two methods mentioned above.

    Usually, everything goes well. But with my copy of "Men In Black", the first rip, using "Direct Disc Access Mode" went perfectly as usual. But then, "Backup Mode" (#2 above) failed. If a Blu-ray is defective, scratched or whatever, usually neither mode will work. But in this case, the "Direct Disc Access Mode" worked fine, but "Backup Mode" failed. Odd.

    So, what to do? Well, I thought that the MKV files created using MakeMKV's "Direct Disc Access Mode" were NOT decrypted. And if those MKV files were not decrypted, then I assumed that it would be impossible to create a backup disc that would play in a stand alone Blu-ray player. I even tried to confirmed that by using BD Rebuilder to create a hard Blu-ray disc using the MKV files created with MakeMKV's "Direct Disc Access Mode" (my step 1 above). One can do that with BD Rebuilder by importing the MKV files that MakeMKV created by, in BD Rebuilder, going to "Files", "Import", and then "Video Files (MKV etc)" to locate the MKV files that MakeMKV created.

    Then BD Rebuilder does a lot automatically, namely "corrected MKV format inconsistencies", then "collected audio/video streams", and then "built a pseudo-BD source structure," resulting in the "Video import completing successfully". But I did not expect that hard Blu-ray disc, that BD Rebuilder/Imgburn created, would play in a stand alone Blu-ray player. But low and behold it played fine! (One caveat: the audio, instead of playing with THD sound like the original purchased disc, only played with DDS sound, according to my Denon S910w receiver)

    Anyway, this way of creating a backup blu-ray disc that will play in a stand alone Blu-ray player is new to me and I thought the info on how to do it might be useful to some other folks as well. I still prefer to use the "Backup Mode" in MakeMKV because I can get the same excellent sound that is on the original purchased blu-ray. But if that doesn't work, the method mentioned above ["Direct Disc Access Mode" to create MKV files from which BD Rebuilder/Imgburn can produce a backup blu-ray disc that will play in a stand alone Blu-ray player] seems to be a pretty good work-around.

    If I'm missing something or if anyone has any other input or thoughts on the subject, they would be most welcome!
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