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  1. In Vegas Pro, at Project Properties / Pixel format there are 3 options that can be selected:
    - 8-bit
    - 32-bit floating point (video levels)
    - 32-bit floating point (fill range)

    Question 1: If I have 8-bit selected at Pixel format, instead of 32-bit, and if I use a color correction filter (those with the 3 color wheels) on a clip, to, for example, correct the white balance or fix a color cast, then, is it possible that that clip will get color banding ? If yes, then, does 32-bit has to be selected at Pixel format in order to prevent color banding ?

    Question 2: What are all the possible causes for color banding in Vegas Pro ? What do I need to know in order to know how to prevent color banding in Vegas Pro ?
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    To just edit, not really. To color correct, yes.

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    Continuous color gradients will give you banding unless you render 10-bit video. The way around it is to apply the Sony Add Noise effect at 1 or 2 percent.
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