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  1. In Vegas Pro, Blend Fields is selected at Project Properties / Deinterlace method. The video footage in the timeline is interlaced. I don't want to deinterlace with Vegas Pro. I want to render the timeline to .avi, using the lagarith lossless codec, then open that .avi in AviSynth and deinterlace with QTGMC.

    Question: If Blend Fields is selected at Project Properties / Deinterlace method, then, when I render using lagarith, will the footage in the timeline be deinterlaced by Vegas Pro before being encoded with lagarith ?
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    Field order and deinterlacing are selected in the Video for Windows Template Settings. Only if the template is set to "None" will Vegas apply the deinterlacing method you have selected in Project Properties.
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  3. I don't see None at Template for Video for Windows (*.avi) in the Render As window. Perhaps you were refering to Default Template (uncompressed) instead ?

    Do you consider a best practice to select None at Deinterlace method in Project Properties ?
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  4. Whether or not vegas deinterlaces depends on 3 things: the project settings, the file interpretation (ie. what vegas "thinks" the file is), and your export settings

    e.g. If the project is set to interlaced, file is "seen" as interlaced, and you set "progressive" in the export settings it will deinterlace according to the deinterlacing setting project properties (e.g. blend vs .interpolate)

    There is no "best" practice - it's going to depend on the project goals, desired export targets
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