I already posted some of these questions on the capturing forum so feel free to ignore, but it was recommended I ask some of my questions here. I am looking to capture somewhere around 25-40 VHS tapes of home videos to digital. I know, something of a theme around here. I was initially planning on using a Canopus ADVC-55 into my Macbook Pro but after listening to advice from others, it seems that DV is a terrible format to capture VHS to because of the 4.1.1 color and the ADVC-55 is therefore less than ideal. It was recommended that I look into a USB capture stick of some kind to replace the Canopus and these are two of the options I found:



They are both Mac compatible and the VC500 says it captures to Quicktime format and the Elgato to H.264. I know there is a difference between format and container but I don't know the specifics. I don't know how either of these would stack up in relation to the ADVC-55 DV capture as far as quality goes. Idk if it's possible to use these devices with some sort of other Mac capture software (even Premiere?) and get a better format for minimal loss. Seems counterintuitive that the $50 USB stick would be better than the $100+ Canopus box but I'm open to a cheap fix. Ultimately I am looking for reasonable alternatives that capture better than the ADVC-55/DV and the software (Mac compatible) needed to use with it.