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  1. Hey people i got a question, i hope you guys can help me out..
    How can i change someones shape in a video?
    like makin someone thinner or fatter?
    wich program can i use?

    Thanks in advance.
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    You can't change one person
    You can change the whole video by changing the aspect and/or display ratio
    Make it taller to make things thin
    Make it wider to widen things out
    To do one person, means filming them on green screen thin changing that video before you 'Mat' everything together
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  3. oh oke thanks for your reaction.
    and it cant work with a special program or something?
    but if you expand the video format its she same as zoom ,right? because the person or object is not gettin bigger of larger.
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  4. It depends on what you mean specifically, but some types of shots can be done in effects software like after effects ,hitfilm, nuke etc...

    Some shots are very difficult to do, but in general it basically involves rotoscoping (moving masks) to isolate the subject - it can be tedious work and compositing on layers . If you can plan and do it ahead of time - like green screen that makes it easier because the subject is already isolated

    Making "fatter" or larger is easier than making thinner, because you cover up background with the larger foreground "person". But if you try to make thinner, you need additional background footage to cover, otherwise you will see the edges of the old skinny person behind the new skinny person (typically you'd either use clean plates, or parts generated from neighboring frames, or other footage shot with other cameras, or some plain ol photoshop)
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    quincy1,please do not create new threads pointing to this one,i deleted that thread.
    I think,therefore i am a hamster.
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