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  1. Have a peculiar problem with Media Coder.
    A file ( 1.49 GB) I am trying to re-code to make it smaller. But Coder keeps coming up with error "The working folder has insufficient space" (see image), which is weird as computer has plenty of spare space!
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  2. File details from Media Info
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    The working folder is default on C:\ . If you have more partition or disc, try to change it on drive with more space under tab tasking - working folder.

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  4. Well Yeah as I said C had plenty of space, really no reason why it should not work. But then I thought well computer has been on several; days, so maybe Win problem. Well have heard some people say they never switch computer off and just hibernate when not in use, but I always find after a few days Windows starts to act up in weird ways and restart is needed.

    So did that and in fact thats what it was After restart file coded just fine

    Guess a thing to keep in mind, if there is no logical explanation hit the restart button.
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