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    Hi everyone,

    I am pretty much a complete newbie to making videos, so I apologise if my questions are a bit stupid.

    I want to make a video to upload to youtube that involves joining together clips from different youtube and dailymotion videos, as well as adding subtitles.

    I am wondering if there are any free video software that would allow me to do this without losing too much quality. Thank you.
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    You have to pay if you want something good. Try VideoStudio Pro X9, it's cheap and easy to learn. A good forum at:
    Forget Vegas if you are in a hurry. For $67 bucks it's a good deal
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  3. Free- Windows:
    • Aviutl (may be difficult for some people)
    • FFmpeg+AegiSub+ AviSynth(optional)

    Paid- Windows:
    • Adobe AfterEffect/Premier (Industry standard)
    • Sony Vegas
    • Cyberlink PowerDirector (Entry level)


    use Linux,
    I forgot the name but Ubuntu does include a video editor...
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