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  1. I've been using the editor for some time, but I can't apply slow-motion effect into a part of a video. I see where I can change speed, but I can't understand how to segment the needed fragment - the editor slows the entire video. Maybe someone faced the same issue?
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  2. According to this tutorial: you can only apply the new speed of replay to the whole selected clip. That will mean cutting out the clip you want to slow down from your complete video, creating a new clip, applying the speed change to that 'new' clip, and then re-assembling all the clips on the timeline.
    That tutorial also mentions that this process will not create any new frames, so you will simply be displaying each of the original frames for a longer time. That will probably make the motion in the slowed down section appear 'jerky'....and the slower you go, the more pronounced that problem will be.

    You can create smooth slow motion of an exact section of a video sequence - using free software - by following THIS GUIDE but it doesn't use VSDC , and is a bit more complex to implement (It's quite straightforward - and much easier to do after the first time! )

    That process will create new frames to maintain the smoothness of the motion - and can be applied anywhere in the video with frame accuracy.
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  3. Applying effects to a separate fragment is not as difficult as it seems. As per my experience (Sony Vegas Pro 13 and VSDC Free Video Editor) the principle is the following: 1) you separate a fragment by splitting the whole video into three (at least) parts 2) click the needed split fragment (it is on the timeline) >> choose the needed speed which will be applied ONLY to the clicked fragment. Here comes partial slow motion effect, (which is one of my favorite in video editing).
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