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  1. Hi

    Please send me in the right direction or help here, much appreciated.

    Im making files for Brightsign media players in x265 but I cannot find a clear list of the ffmpeg settings.

    Adobe AME cbr output is anything but constant so Im jumping in the deep end with ffmpeg

    I need to create files with
    cbr: 35mbit or vbr 35min and max
    level 5.1
    tier : main
    fps 60

    ffmpeg -i T:/temp/frameserver.avs -i T:/temp/audio.mp4 -c:v libx265 -cbr 35 -c:a copy -fastest T:/temp/output.mp4

    I dont know how to set the main and level and all my tests so far are unplayable with VLC!

    Any help much appreciated

    thanks remainz
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  2. Originally Posted by remainz View Post

    Please send me in the right direction or help here, much appreciated.
    First try to learn roper ffmpeg syntax - this is crucial as ffmpeg is extremely sensitive for every character in command line - follow bellow guide and use information provided in ffmpeg documentation .

    libx265 AVOptions:
      -crf               <float>      E..V.... set the x265 crf (from -1 to FLT_MAX) (default -1)
      -preset            <string>     E..V.... set the x265 preset
      -tune              <string>     E..V.... set the x265 tune parameter
      -x265-params       <string>     E..V.... set the x265 configuration using a :-separated list of key=value parameters

    Be aware that ffmpeg have some issues and lot of x265 parameters is ignored... it may be better to use x265 directly by pipe from ffmpeg to x265...
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