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    After much procrastinating and tedious disk swapping, I'm finally just about at the end of the long and tedious task of ripping my large DVD collection, encoding to .MP4, and transferring the files to my media server.

    Mostly this has gone well. Ripping as .ISO and then using Vidcoder to batch encode.

    A fair number of the disks are collections of TV series which have multiple episodes on them. I most cases I select the .ISO, select Add Multiple Titles to Queue, and then encode. This works well and each episode is a sequentially numbered .MP4 which I can then rename and transfer.

    Three DVDs aren't working so well. They have 6-8 episodes on them. They rip fine, and the ISO plays fine using Videolan. However, they seem to have all the episodes encoded as one giant 2-3 hour video file, and when you select an episode it just starts playing the long file as the appropriate point. Videolan only presents one title for the whole disk, and encoding results in a giant MP4 with all the episodes back-to-back in order.

    As there any way to get each episode encoded as a separate MP4, or do I need some way of subsequently splitting the giant MP4 that I am getting?

    NB: For the avoidance of doubt, I'm not interested in a debate about whether I should be encoding to MP4. I have already decided on that and it works well with all of my media players. My question is specifically about whether there is a way of encoding the episodes as separate files.
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  2. I guess your DVD is authored with the episodes as chapters.

    You could select chapters to encode in Vidcoder (and an episode might be one or more chapters) or split your giant MP4 with My MP4 BOX GUI using MediaInfo to tell the time of the chapter points.
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