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    Forget that I posted,

    I figured it out.

    Alright, years ago, I made the mistake of buying a video camera that recorded surround sound (5 mics located on top of the camcorder). I could never get the surround sound to work in Vegas (it always made the left channel peak for whatever reason) so I always used that camcorder in stereo mode. Well, that camcorder bit the dust so I went out and bought another camcorder and as a real sign that I never learn, I bought another camcorder with surround mics. Problem this time being this camcorder has no option to switch to stereo, it always records surround (so the left channel is always peaking).

    What I really want to know is how to import the footage into Vegas and have all of the channels recognized. For whatever reason, the camcorder recognizes just fine that there are more than 2 channels of audio, but the computer shows it as just a stereo track and extracting the audio from the AVCHD container doesn't do any good either (Audacity shows only two tracks).

    I must be missing something here. I wouldn't be surprised if I was to be completely honest, I'm so used to working with my HVX200 (all audio tracks are recorded as separate files).

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    Mediainfo shows 6 channels. I'm confused, the camcorder only has 5 mics.
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  2. Six channels AKA 5.1= Left, Center, Right, Left Surround, Right Surround (5) + Bass (1)

    When you find a solution, please post it so others can learn from your experience.
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    For the curious:

    In Vegas, Project Properties-->Audio-->Master Bus Mode = 5.1 Surround before you import the file.
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