I am a new guy to video, needing some help. I recently took video of a dance performance, and purchased PowerDirector 14 for editing purposes, creating a 17gig, 1940x1080 m2ts file. The end result turned out exactly how I had hoped, but I am struggling with preparing Blu-ray disks. What I would like to do is create a disk, with a simple menu (play, chapter selection). However, when I go through PowerDirector's create disk process, I am able to create the menu and chapters easy enough, but when I actually go to burn the disk it seems to take an extremely long time to prepare and burn. I burned a sample disk, to check quality, using Burn Aware, which did a fantastic job creating the disk, with terrific quality, very quickly, but lacks the ability to create menus and chapters. Am I doing something wrong with PowerDirector? Does it usually take a long time to author a disk? Is there another, preferrably free (as I have already paid for PowerDirector) program that runs more efficiently? I need to create about 40 disks, and if PowerDirector runs this slow on each one, it will never get done, and I will be inclined to just burn basic disks without menus and chapters.