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    I posted this in another part of the forum but got no response so please excuse the re-post. Would really appreciate some help!

    There's a site I download videos from and used to do so with no problem - but now for whatever reason I have great difficulty downloading the videos. I need the footage for some editing that I do. (I think they've put a block on video capture as I have tried multiple applications and browser add ons that download video) - This is the website. As you'll see there are no direct links per each video. So it's been really difficult to lift the footage on most programs I've used. I need multiple videos on the site so I just need to know if there's any way I could possible find the source and download from there?

    If anybody could offer any help I'd really appreciate it. And if I can supply any more information please let me know.

    Thank you

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    Bump your first thread instead of creating a new one.

    Continue in

    No. I have NO idea.

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