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  1. I want to take a video from 1920 x 1080 to a 4x3 aspect ratio by cropping the sides. How do I do that with Video to Video?

    I keep getting an error like...
    ERROR: At least one output file must be specified
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    DId you get this also?
    #15536.2: Invalid aspect ratio: NAN
    #15536.0: At least one output file must be specified
    ERROR: At least one output file must be specified....TASK: C:\Users\Sed\Videos\test5.mp4

    Then try set the aspect ratio to 4:3 and then click Crop & Pad and choose the Keep Input Aspect ratio and see how it works. And crop 240 pixels left and right.

    Or try crop with handbrake instead. Under the Picture choose Cropping and set left and right to 240pixels. And you will get a 1440x1080 pixels.
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  3. Yeah, thats the error. I tried what you said for Video to Video but same error. Tried what you said with Handbrake and it W-O-R-K-S!
    Thank you!
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  4. Well... handbrake is not letting me choose a whole folder of source video to crop. When I select a folder under source it goes through this sequence where it says it is scanning title(s) but when it ends no progress is made. I check the show queue button there is nothing in the queue. When I then try to press the start button it says select a destination folder... but when I try to browse to find a destination folder it says it wants a destination file.

    In the end it does not appear to want to batch process videos.

    What am I missing?
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