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  1. Hey,

    Ive been using elgato HD60 for well over a year, with no problems such as this one. I use 2 screens, and I got elgato plugged to one of the screens with HDMI.

    When I run the game capture HD program, both 32bit and 64bit everything works fine. Sound, image, you name it. Tho when I close the program, the screen as usual goes black for a second and usually picks back the screen. But now its not picking the screen after closing the program. It simply says "no video input". If I open elgato capture HD program again the screen shows video, but the second i close the program down the video on screen goes black and shows "no video input".

    This is extremly odd, and I have no idea how to go forward.

    Anyone experiencing this problem?

    Got win10. Updated nvidia drivers some days ago, and after that its been a problem with elgato ever since. The audio from elgato was messed up due to Nvidia high quality HD sound messed it up. I had to uinstall that for the sound on elgato device to actually pick up the sound.

    Any more help is very much appreciated.
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    Have you installed latest driver for Elgato ? Possibly it can solve the problem. It was released about 2 days after Nvidia update. But I dont know if it helps. You can just try it.

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  3. The problem is now back, after atleast 12 hours of no problems.

    I did download the latest update yes. Did not help
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    Hi there, I have had a TON of problems with my Elgato and after getting a hold of support it turned out it was to do with the latest drivers from NVIDIA. Anything above driver version 365.19 is causing problems. Now, I can't be 100% sure that is the case for the HD60 because I have the HD60S but if you have an NVIDIA card then I suggest trying driver version 365.19 (it was a quick fix for me)

    Good luck!
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