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  1. hi

    know anybody how can i convert a DVD with mpeg to a DVD with AC3???
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    I do hope you mean MP2 audio?

    Do you want to have the original menu intact or does that matter? If not, you can use AVStoDVD to make a new DVD and change the type of audio.

    AVStoDVD won't re-encode video or audio that is already compliant, so go into Preferences-->Audio and remove the check mark in the box that says Keep AC3/DTS/MP2 Compliant Audio. Click OK. That preference will now go into effect for your next project, so restart AVStoDVD and import your movie. Default output is AC3 when AVStoDVD re-encodes, but you can check this.

    I generally use Vob2Mpeg first, then import the mpeg file into AVStoDVD, but it is possible to import the DVD straight into the program by selecting the VTS_01_0.IFO file within the DVD, or the VTS_01_1.VOB. It will want to index the movie, so let it.
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  3. @Kerry56 thanks for your Support

    yes i mean MP2 and i want to have my original menu.
    I Create in past a Family DVD`s with own create Menu´s.
    By the Way.
    I save the Movies in a HDD and not in a DVD Disks.
    Have somebody an idea?
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  4. Originally Posted by videomaker110 View Post
    Have somebody an idea?
    It's simple.
    1. Demux audio, video, chapters (PGCDemux)
    2. Convert your MP2 audio to AC3 audio (many programs including HeadAC3he or BeSweet)
    3. Reauthor with AC3 audio, video, chapters (Muxman).
    4. Replace the original DVD video with the reauthored one with AC3 audio (PGCEdit). That way you get back your original menus.
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    But why would you want to convert MP2 to AC3? What's the benefit?
    There will be a quality loss – probably even a rather significant one, as the free AC3 encoders are not that great.
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