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  1. I tried using smartcutter to split videos up but the cut videos are larger then the source file.
    The bitrate is about 10x higher.

    I get the same problem trying to convert videos using staxrip. (staxrip lossless conversion?)

    Smart ripper also force closes time to time but on my windows touchpad device its user interface is very handy.
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    I would try avidemux. Under video and audio choose copy. Set start and stop. Save.
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  3. Re-compressing a video encoded with a lossy codec to a lossless codec involves first decompressing the video, making it ~20 times bigger, then compressing it with the lossless codec, only reducing the size by about half. So it's perfectly normal for the size to increase 10 fold.

    Lossless editing on the other hand involves simply copying the parts of the video you want to keep without re-compressing, and discarding the rest. This is lossless in the sense that the video isn't futher reduced in quality. But the video can only be cut on keyframes. With highly compressed video keyframes may be hundreds of frames apart.
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  4. I tried avidemux on my touchscreen win10 device with broken screen rotation in potrait mode and the interface suffices.

    Then now I dont understand setting staxrip to variable bitrate, 200-600 kb VBR in avc or hevc codec resulting in 7000kb bitrate from 1000kb bitrate sourcefile.

    Vbr is always the best diskspace efficient mode right?
    How do I quantify my device max capabilities for decoding avc and hevc codecs?

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    picture speaking a thousand words ,atlass!
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    a picture speaks a thousand words
    Not if you can't see the picture, it doesn't.
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