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  1. Thank You.

    Working With Handbrake, and these audio Sources don`t work as is. I wanna convert to AC3 or if Source has embedded AC3 track extract it.

    At the end i wanna have a AC3 track, what is an easy way to get this done? Softwear needed?

    Working With REMUX files, should i extract the audio file then convert/extract to AC3 then mux it back in. Then open the REMUX in Handbrake.

    Convert LPCM & TrueHD to AC3

    Extract embedded AC3

    How do i know if AC3 is embedded

    Please wanna encode my titles, don`t wanna delete them because i don`t understand.

    Thank You.

    Use only Handbrake. and want only AC3 audio.

    Hope someone can help..
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    Under the audio tab can you see if the file contains ac3 audio (under the source dropdown). If it has ac3 then choose that track and choose codec: ac3 passthrough to copy/remux the audio.

    If it doesn't contain an ac3 track then just choose codec: ac3 and 5.1 for example.

    And as you are not ripping anything I'm moving you to our video conversion section.
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  3. Thanks.

    If it doesn't contain an ac3 track then just choose codec: ac3 and 5.1 for example.
    Is that for LPCM and TrueHD?
    Handbrake don`t support 7.1
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    AC3 supports only 5.1 channels. You can try ocenaudio for conversion of audio. Iam not sure if it support TrueHD, but it support wide range of formats.

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  5. I believe what I did recently was to use the latest Eac3 with HdBrStreamExtractor in order to change TrueHD over to AC3 then mux it back into a MKV I have with mkvtoolnix, I suppose that mkvmerge in that folder did the muxing.
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