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  1. Hey! I'm brand new at this so please help me out.
    I recently (cough two hours ago cough) bought movavi. I love its simplicity, but the audio is driving me nuts. I am trying to start a youtube channel and I can't figure out how to change input/output values. I need my mic to be way louder, and my game sounds to be much quieter. Even if I lower system sounds with the little recording icon, when I actually listen to the recording I get blasted with computer noise and my mic is drowned out.
    Any help would be great.
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    I don't think we have any movavi users here...
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  3. It's okay. I contacted Movavi, the program I purchased didn't actually have the function. There is a capture program specifically for gaming, normally 50 dollars, that they gave me for free. I highly recommend them for their customer service.
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