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  1. Thank You for reading my post.

    I have downloaded the latest Version and older ones, is the latest Version the one i should use?

    Newbie and will encode my blurays to 720p mkv using Handbrake, but if an earlier Version is better.

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    I would use the latest one, unless you need AAC audio encoding as they had to drop that. They did add the latest version of the H.265 encoder.
    I use VidCoder instead. It's a front end for Handbrake and a bit easier to use, IMO.

    You do need a decryption program for commercial discs as Handbrake and VidCoder can't do that.
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  3. Only fdk_AAC was dropped from Handbrake.

    AAC (libav):
    HandBrake's default audio codec is AAC which is widely supported by most hardware and software players.
    This encoder replaces libfaac.

    AAC / HE-AAC (fdk_aac):
    Please be aware that this encoder was removed in 0.10.5 due to a license issue.

    AAC (CoreAudio?):
    Mac OS X users have the option to use Apple's Core Audio AAC encoder.
    It's known to be much better quality and is the default option for Mac users.

    HE-AAC (Core Audio)
    High Efficiency AAC encoder. This encoder is optimized for low-bitrate applications which may be useful for streaming.
    Available on OS X only.
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    I'm using the older version because the Fraunhofer (FDK) AAC encoder is superior to the libav encoder.
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  5. What Version is that?

    Thank you.
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