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  1. I record using OBS and it creates a .mp4 file. it contains 1 video and 2 audio. One for my desktop audio (ie: music from pc) and another for my mic. When I import that video in cs6, I only see 1 audio track. I tried to fiddle with some audio config in the edit/audio menus but that didn't work. No matter what I tried, it doesnt seem to make the second audio track appear.

    Is this a limitation to cs6 or is there anything I can do.

    Oh, i tried using virtualdub but I cant open .mp4 and even if I use any other codec (seems to be avc1) it doesnt seem to work. maybe I can upload that file and display that fileinfo from gspot or something. I'm pretty sure that would help a bit more.

    Any help would be appreciated
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  2. mediainfo (view=>text)

    Probably CS6 isn't "expecting" multi track audio in that type of MP4 (there are slightly different MP4 containers) . A workaround would be to remux it into a transport stream, or a MOV, then import it. Or demux the other audio track and import the other audio track separately. You could use mymp4boxgui or yamb beta 2 for example
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  3. demux. I'll take a look into that. Sounds like what I need. thanks
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    Oftentimes, an NLE will read the file properly (and recognize that it has multiple streams), but only present 1 stream to the editing module.
    A workaround can be done by "re-interpreting" the clip as an alternate sub-clip (or creating a file copy with a different name and changing the stream selection in the interpretation).

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