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  1. My computer has two partitions : C and D. Windows and documents and downloads, etc are by default all on C.

    How do I change it so my Downloads and Libraries like Documents, Music, Pictures, Videos, Favorites, are all saved to D drive?
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  2. Rightclick -> Property -> Location

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  3. videobruger, thank you.

    However, let's say I move the "Music" folder from C: to D:
    Under the LOCATION tab, I will name it "D:Music Hits Today". It automatically creates "My Music" folder in the D Drive, as opposed to creating "Music Hits Today". I always over rides what I want to name it. Is that normal?
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  4. I accidentally changed the location of two of my folders - My Documents and My Music to the same location. Now both locations tabs are D:/My Music.
    So I change the location of My Documents back to D:/My Documents, but it also changes the location of My Music to D:/My Documents.
    These two folders are now acting as one.

    So I delete them both and go to My Computer and select my name, and try to create two new folder - My Documents and My Music, but now it will only have 6 tabs, the locations tab is now missing. How do I go back to default?

    I try to create a new "My Documents" in the D drive but it gives me this weird message. I dont get what is going on.
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