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  1. Two things

    -how do i get the exact frame showing on the video player i'm using (mpc-be)
    -whats the quickest and most accurate way after i have the frames to do a one click, no rencode trim

    Like a script "save (1123-4567)" where first and second number are start-end frames.
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  2. Both x264 and x265 are 'long GOP' (long Group of Picture) formats, so you will only be able to cut - without recoding - on 'I' frames (Keyframes).

    Each GOP can be a different length from those before and after, depending on content, so it is difficult to know exactly where you will be able to cut.

    x.264 files will have an I frame every approx 25-50 frames. x.265 'GOPs' can be up to 200 frames long - or even longer.
    If you want to cut with frame accuracy, you can either re-encode the whole file to an intraframe (all keyframe) format, or use a video editor which allows 'smart rendering', so that only the area around your chosen cut point is re-encoded. (The editor will build a new GOP around the cut)

    Whether you feel the need to go that far will depend how accurate your cuts need to be ?......
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  3. I just need to clip excerpts of videos just for fun nothing professional

    But frame accurate just means it will not go way of scene

    I tried solveigmm video editor. It did not open h265, and on h264 it asked for ac3 filter to be installed. Doesnt it habe internal filters
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