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  1. I recently got a refurb laptop with ImgBurn on it which I've never used before as I'm more used to using Nero.

    My blu-ray player can read avi's, mp4's and some mkv's. Also my Mum's old dvd player can read avi files. In Nero you can make a dvd disc with avi's or mp4s on it that can be played on a dvd or blu ray that recognizes those file formats.

    Is there a way to do it using ImgBurn? SO far all the tutorials sem to suggest you can't and you need to convert the files to ISO's before burning. if this is the case then ImgBurn is less than useless to me but before I dump it I just want to know for certain if its possible or not.
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    Nope. You can select Write File/Folders to disc. Add the files and foldes. Burn. Done.
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  3. And those files will be readable by a dvd/blu-ray player? rather than just as data files that only a computer can read? if thats so then great makes things perfect.
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  4. Originally Posted by Ronnie_ASA View Post
    And those files will be readable by a dvd/blu-ray player?
    No, of course not. Only Blu-ray players that include a media player will be able to play them. Standard Blu-ray player can only play properly encoded and authored Blu-ray discs.
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  5. Thats what I mean. if I use the method you say will it create a file that a dvd/blue ray player that cna read those files will read them? I ahve made data discs but they dont read on dvd or blu-ray players. I will give it a try and am hoping that it will work as you say as it will be nice to be able to use ImgBurn without having to try and find something else.
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  6. Standard Blu-ray players will not play media files on data discs.
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  7. Yes I know this which is why I have specifically said blu-ray or dvd players that can play avi or mp4s. I'm not talking about standard dvd or blu-ray players. All I am askin is this: if I use the method that you say will a dvd or blu-ray player that can play media files be able to play them?
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  8. You're going to have to test your Blu-ray player or check your manual. Some will play only on USB flash drives or network shares, or DLNA servers. Some will play from discs too. And even if your player can play AVI and MP4 files doesn't mean it can play every codec and encoder settings. So you will still come across files that can't be played or don't display properly all the time.
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  9. I know all this I'm just asking the simple question but it seems I'm just gonna have to try your method and see if you are right or not. ANyone else got a view on this as I'm not getting a clear answer so far.
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  10. If your player plays files on data discs using Imgburn in file/folders mode will work.
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