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  1. I've been capturing EP VHS recordings with Pinnacle Studio and a Dazzle DVC100 to import. The Pinnacle Studio manual here, on page 297 ( shows a volume control slider in the "Import" menu. I need this as some of the videos I'm digitizing have a low volume. But the slider is missing. On two different machines.

    The manual says "with hardware that doesn’t support stereo captures, an audio balance control will not appear." But this is not true for DVC100. I've captured footage in stereo plenty of times with it.

    I do not want to adjust the volume in Editing; I don't use Pinnacle's editing features because they either make the video file bigger or make the picture worse (plus, it makes the fan on my desktop VERY loud which makes me nervous I'm wearing down my PC by re-rendering video footage). I simply import the video, find where it's being stored (in the Videos folder) and keep that as the archive.

    I want to adjust the incoming volume in Import. I've contacted Pinnacle repeatedly asking what is wrong and how to fix it, and how to make their Import volume slider appear, and gotten the runaround over and over. Has anyone run across this problem? How do I make the slider show up?
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    Have you asked in the forum?

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