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    I have the following issue: I uploaded a video into my I-movie. When I watch it in I-movie, the quality is crystal clear. When I want to upload it to Youtube or export to quicktime the quality is pretty bad.

    When I did export the movie to my MAC using Quicktime and then watch it in Quicktime it still does not look as clear as in I-movie. In Youtube, it gets even worse.

    How can I get at nearly the same quality when exporting as I get in I-movie?

    Help! Im pretty new to this stuff
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    Use highest possible export quality settings.

    Click on the export-button(top right) in iMovie and choose File and select:

    Resolution: 1080p (or at least 720p)
    Quality: High (or Custom with 16Mbps or last try Best ProRes)
    Compress: Better quality

    Upload the file to Youtube.
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