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  1. Hello, all.

    Trying to get my Video Capturing and Streaming up and running.

    Got a new laptop (i7, 8gb ram), XSplit program, and an Elgato Game Capture HD.

    Was trying to get the elgato hooked up to my bartop arcade and send the arcade video to my laptop and fed into the xsplit program, but couldn't get the elgato to work with it.

    The arcade has a preprogrammed board with a vga output that runs to the arcade monitor. So, got a vga-to-hdmi converter, ran the vga from the preprogrammed board, put on the vga to hdmi adapter, hooked it up to elgato hdmi input, then got another vga-to-hdmi converter and put it on the elgato hdmi out and connected the second vga cable,then the vga to the arcade monitor. Then the arcade monitor didn't have any visual.

    Tested the elgato on my ps4, ps4 fed into elgato in, hdmi fed out to the tv and usb of elgato fed into my laptop. Ps4 showed on the tv. But when I added the elgato feed to xsplit, the tv went blank and started flickering. Even trying to run the elgato in the elgato video capture program made it flicker on and off, something about hcp onto working too.

    Basically, I'm trying to get my bartop arcade to get fed into my laptop, but am having an issue. Any help or solution would be appreciated.
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    I would suggest getting the PS4 to work properly before moving onto troubleshooting the crazy VGA-HDMI-and-back setup. Also confirm that the VGA-to-HDMI adapter outputs a standard HDTV resolution as required by the Elgato.
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