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  1. I was thinking of purchasing this digital camera Canon PowerShot SX520 16Digital Camera with 42x Optical. If you're a current user, what's your own experience been like? Thanks in advance!
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  2. Julia, I 'm not a user but I can help you. Lots of stuff about digital cameras you might see in I would like to add that if your priority is
    1. Price
    2. Mega Zoom range
    3. Good photos in very good light

    You will not get
    1. Very good image quality
    2. Acceptable low light performance

    ... then the Canon you listed should fit the bill.
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    Hmm. A first time poster with a link...I smell a SPAMMER...
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    Got my retirement plans all set. Looks like I only have to work another 5 years after I die........
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