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  1. I am trying to convert a 1280x 720 video to 740 x 416. I notice after being convert using both handbrake and video coder, there are some segments of the video where the audio pitch is higher or softer. Do you know how I can get the audio to be exactly the same as the original file? Is this a setting issue? When I use handbrake, I chose keep aspect ratio and anarmorphic as none.
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    Maybe it could be if you choose variable frame rate, which is set up by default. Try constant frame rate. Not sure if that helps.

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    How the video is sized, processed or re-encoded should have NO bearing on the audio. If it does, you have some major settings wrong.

    Avoid the problem altogether by:
    1. Making sure that whatever you do to the video, it doesn't change the framerate away from what the source was.
    2. Demux the audio, save it & put it aside, do your video work, and then remux that original audio back in.

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  4. Did you try using "pass through" for the audio in HandBrake/Vidcoder.
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