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    Iíve been out of video editing for a few years now since my son stopped playing after school sports. In the past I would shoot video using my Sony TRV950. Then I would import and edit the video using Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0. I was able to do all of the things I needed to do at the time. Now Iím finding that I need to edit video shot on an iPhone 6 in the MOV format. Iím able to import the video into Premiere but it takes hours to render a two min video clip. Iím guessing that there are problems between my outdated program and the current file format. What would be a good video editing program I can purchase that will work will with the iPhone file format that would work similar to Adobe PP so I donít have to learn all over again?

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  2. The only program I've found to date that reliably handles the variable frame rate video of an iPhone is TMPGenc Video Mastering works. Literally everything else, from Avisynth to ffmpeg to Vegas to Premiere to Avid has given me intermittent sync issues. You can use VMW to convert your footage and bring it into Premiere, or see if its internal editing is sufficient to your needs.

    I'm not a paid shill. There's a free trial available (that may be long enough to get you through this project.)
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    It's not a coincidence that photos taken on an iPhone also have issues, like orientation quirks, when brought in to non-Apple software. Think of it as a punishment from Apple, lest ye stray too much from the flock.

    iPhone has 4-way orientation on the photos too. Not simply landscape/portrait. If your phone is not flipped the right way, this happens. Apple will claim that's a "Feature". My wife always forgets if it should be buttons up or buttons down, because the phone doesn't preview upside down to alert you.

    Luckily, you can pay the QuickTime Pro fee, and solve the problem too. Transcode to a friendlier codec. Or use AviDemux for free.
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