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  1. Hello guys , i wanna download Tvshows from Please guide me about this. I have search alot on google but failed , tried this website but it is downloading in 360p quality i want to download in 720p.Please help me regarding this topic.

    For example
    video i want to download
    Video sonyliv
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    Have you tried ANY other video streaming recorder/downloader?

    Like Video DownloadHelper for Firefox or a standalone downloader like EagleGet, GetFlV or ?
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  3. Yes i have tried eagleget,idm,getflv.
    The problem with the idm is that it is showing me this message idm cannot download this protected stream for legal reasons.
    Eagleget not getting the download link for the video.
    Getflv is not able to play this video and also firefox.
    My default browser is Chrome so video is playing there .
    I have searched different post here the method which was suggested by members is by using livestreamer but i don't know how to use it . I have installed it but don't know what would be the next step . I have tried the code which was posted there but didn't work for me. I have also searched on the internet about the steps of livestreamer for downloading video but didn't find any one. Sorry i'm really a newbie for this. If anyone can tell me complete steps of livestreamer so that would be great help for me .
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  4. Firefox won't even play those on my win 7 64 so Video Download Helper doesn't respond.
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    i get not available for your geography

    And Sony is Notorious about DRM and copy protection, Sony is going to block everything

    is this premium content ? are you a member of the Site ?

    Just a heads up ... talking about trying to copy/download premium subscription content is a NO NO on this forum..

    Free access streams, are safe topics
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  6. yes the content of this website are geography restricted but this site is not a premium one . All content are free to watch but some content have country restriction . The link i have shared is free to watch . please check this link if the above link is not working for you Video
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