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  1. Hi,

    Thanks for the assist for that site, could you please do the same for this one as well?

    I've tried downloading the video using youtube-dl, but unable to do so. What's the param string for it?

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  2. Hi rogue2020 ,

    You have to do a try !!!

    Start Httpfox ( for FF )
    in firefox , launch
    after the video has began
    Stop Httpfox
    Stop FF
    in Httpfox , in the column 'Type' scroll-down , look for 'application/f4m+xml'
    On the right , select & copy
    you can create a link :
    livestreamer --http-header "Accept-Encoding=gzip" --http-header "User-Agent=Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 5.1; en-US; Nexus 6 Build/LMY47Z)" --hls-segment-threads 10 "hds://" best -o what-do-women.mp4
    Remember at the end of the of the line you can change 'best' by
    Available streams: 1200k, 1500k, 2000k (best), 300k (worst), 600k, 900k

    Cheers .
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